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Bathroom Conversion, Southwest Indianapolis

Tired of Your Outdated Tub or Shower? Discover our tub-to-shower or shower-to-tub services!

Tubs and showers take up a lot of space in your bathroom. If you need to conserve space by retrofitting your shower or bathtub, turn to the experts at Prime Bath of Indiana.

We provide shower-to-tub-conversion and tub-to-shower conversion services in Camby & Mooresville, IN. We’ll tear out and replace your old shower or tub with a new one you prefer. We’ll also repair anything we find wrong while converting your shower or tub and fix any water damage as well.

Contact us today to learn more about our shower-to-tub conversion or tub-to-shower conversion services.

Benefits of tub or shower conversions

Converting your tub or shower may seem like a big project, but if you work with a professional, you can experience the many benefits hassle-free. Converting your tub or shower can:

  • Keep your bathroom lower maintenance
  • Help converse space in your bathroom
  • Create a safer and more accessible bathroom
  • Create a more enjoyable and relaxing space

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